Dovetail Box with Adam Crosland

The Intermediate Course can be done over a prepaid 6 x 3 hour class period with Adam Crosland for $349.95 on Sundays. This course enables students to continue with their woodworking at their own pace, or to start at a higher level than complete beginner. Again, it’s payment upfront, for 6 weeks at a time and the student can start as soon as a vacancy opens on your preferred time slot.

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Once you have completed the Short Course on Sundays or Intermediate Course you can move on and make anything you want. Its good fun, challenging, and it’s up to you to think of any ideas you would like to tackle after the Intermediate Course. Classes are usually 4-6 people at a time. Have a look at the other pages on the site for some ideas, or get some pictures off the internet and start planning your measurements and timber for that special piece at home.



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