Sunday Mornings with Adam Crosland

Welcome to the School of Fine Woodwork’s Short Course. Richard Crosland’s School of Fine Woodwork’s Short Course has been developed for beginners by Adam Crosland. This course gives more people a chance to experience a fun, relaxing and productive woodwork class for a couple of hours a week, over 4 x 3 hour lessons regardless of experience or learned skills.


Each woodwork student produces a cross halving joint “Hot Pot Stand” from rough sawn timber, a “Dovetail Joint” and a mitred & rebated “Jewellery Box” measuring approx. 200mm x 280mm. Sunday class times are morning sessions from 10.00am – 1.00pm with Adam Crosland. The student uses a range of hand tools, power tools including the disk sander, linisher and table router. It is a very popular class and some students have gone on to make the Dovetail Box in the Intermediate Course. Some students stay on Sundays,and have made a number of personal projects designed for their homes, some have gone on to Richard’s classes during the week. Some students stay on indefinately and have been with Richard for up to 20 years, making it difficult to know exactly when a spot will be available. Prepaying will lock you in to the Short Course only and a spot will come up when its your turn to start your woodworking journey.

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If you are interested in joining the ‘Short Course on Sundays’ as soon as a spot becomes available, buying an ePackage for $359.00 which includes a copy of Richard’s book is the best way to reserve your place on the short list. The ePackage includes the 4 class eVoucher.pdf to be used anytime by you or a friend, will be sent as soon as an ePayment is received. Please fill out the Enquiries form in regards to purchasing a course. It is not a requirement to do the Short Course on Sundays before joining Richard’s classes during the week.

2013-10-02 12.04.52  The Industrial Estate is on the curve of Gardeners Road and Kent Rd, next door to Beaurepairs on the same side as Bunnings. If on foot, it is a short walk from Mascot Train Station. There is free parking on the Industrial Estate, when you go through the double gate, just walk or drive straight through to the end of the complex, and the workshop is on your right.

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Free Tea & Instant Coffee is available in the workshop.

Happy Woodworking,

Adam Crosland  BVA, Dip.Ed
Bachelor of Visual Arts, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University 1994
Diploma of Education in Design & Technology, Melbourne University. 2001

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